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Welcome to Excel Trust Deed Investments, Inc. formerly known as Excel Financial.

July 20, 2024

9 – 4 pm (Mon-Thurs)

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1314 Lincoln Av 2A

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Lending 30+ years of knowledge and expertise to provide financing through trust deed investments.


Applicants are assessed to create a solution based lending program in order to achieve their goals. Investors can expect full service from funding to payoff.


We bring over 30 years of acquired knowledge in the private lending sector and other real estate fields to best serve your loan or trust deed investment requirements.


Excel Trust Deed Investments is known for funding loans quickly. We are responsive and act accordingly to adhere to time-sensitive contract deadlines.


Borrowers and investors alike can expect to be guided by friendly and professional service from loan application to servicing.

Friendly and Professional

Benefits of Solution-based Lending

Excel Trust Deed Investments has been arranging private lending solutions and helping families and business in the San Francisco Bay Area with their alternative financing needs for 32 years.

About Excel Trust Deed Investments, Inc.

Excel Trust Deed Investments has been arranging private lending solutions and helping families and businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area for over 30 years with their alternative financing needs.

We place our $60 million plus portfolio of investor funds in short-term real estate loans secured by residential or commercial property in California, mainly in the San Francisco Bay Area. While our borrowers are able to meet their short-term financial goals, our investors enjoy competitive interest rates paid monthly secured by equity in real estate approved by each investor with the benefit of our guidance.

Loan Offerings

Established in 1986 originally as Excel Financial, Excel Trust Deed Investments, Inc. has been finding practical solutions for borrowers with the challenging loan scenarios. Our loan professionals work with you or your broker in order to have a thorough understanding of your financial goals. With fast, responsive, and thoughtful service we meet our borrower’s financial needs so they can go about the business of living. We offer competitive rates and pricing among our private lending peers, and welcome brokers and individual borrower applications.
Give us an opportunity to provide a loan pricing quote and if approved, we know you won’t be disappointed.

Customized Lending

After discussing your loan scenario, our loan professionals work with you to determine which of our loan programs best meet your financial goals. Whether to help you move from short-term to long-term financing, provide a bridge, or to get a purchase escrow closed quickly, we work to make sure that your loan solution is the most appropriate to help you move forward.

Fast Loan Processing

Excel TDI is known for swift, efficient service. We can provide funding in 7 days depending on the loan scenario. With in-house underwriting and a complete loan package in hand, borrowers can often expect to know if they are approved in as as little as one. Brokers and borrowers alike can rest assured that we are getting the job done on their behalf.

What to Do if You Are Struggling to Make Your Payments

If you are unable to afford your mortgage payments and wish to avoid foreclosure, please contact us by email at servicing@exceltdi.com or phone (collect calls accepted) at (408) 564-7690 to discuss any options that may be available to you.

Important Information

Please have available financial data that may be relevant to this discussion, such as information related to monthly income and expenses. We will be glad to discuss possible payment options by telephone with you and/or your designated agent acting on your behalf. Your designated agent can be an attorney, an advisor, or an agent through the HUD-Certified Housing Counseling Agency.

The toll-free number for the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) agency is 1-800-569-4287 or TTY/TDD 1-800-877-8339. If you designate an agent to act on your behalf, please call us immediately at (408) 564-7690 to request the Borrower Designation of Representation form.

I have dealt with Excel Trust Deed Investments for greater than 25 years on Mortgage trust deeds. I have found them to be thorough, timely, responsive to my requirements and needs, as well as totally honest. My experience has been both rewarding and enjoyable and I highly recommend them for this type of investment.

Jim S. (San Francisco, CA)


Investors in trust deed investments range from private individuals, trusts, and LLCs to pension funds. Individual investors benefit from our substantial knowledge and experience in real estate and trust deed investing.

The motivation for investing in trust deeds includes: the simplicity of the underlying investment and a desire for: 1) An investment secured by real estate 2) Regular income derived from monthly dividend distributions; 3) Higher yields than those available from investing in money market funds or bonds; 4) An active involvement in real estate finance.

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