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7 Situations Where a Hard Money Loan Can Help

Considering a hard money loan? Hard money loans, or private loans, get a bad wrap. But there are genuinely appropriate lending scenarios when a hard money loan is the best option. Take a look at the following hard-money lending situations and borrower profiles. These are just some of the critical times when a hard money loan can save the day and the deal:

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Building a Dream Home with a Bridge Loan


Building a Dream Home with a Bridge Loan

Excel TDI helps a developer complete his dream home in an exclusive Lake Tahoe development.

Excel TDI just closed a $4.7M loan to help a developer complete his future home, while also facilitating a payoff on a loan that was coming due and payable against a commercial building in his portfolio.

The developer is building a home in beautiful Glen Brook, NV and fell short after all of his upgrades. The borrower was frustrated after being given the run around by a lender out of Southern California for nearly three months.

Once we touched base we had loan docs in escrow within 4 business days and we funded the loan and closed a few days later.

Our bridge loan product continues to set records for fast approval and funding:

  • The average loan amount is about $1.5M.
  • We’ve been getting approvals on most loans within 24 hours of submission.*
  • Loan documents are typically in escrow within 24 hours of approval.

Look to Excel TDI when you have a difficult lending scenario that must be closed FAST.

If you need your loan closed and your current private lender just can’t seem to cross the finish line or you don’t have time to waste, please give us a call.

Sheldon Perry Excel Trust Deed InvestmentsSheldon Perry,
Founder, VP Investment Lending
Excel Trust Deed Investments

Sheldon founded Excel Trust Deed Investments (formerly Excel Financial) in 1986. Specializing in expedited and efficient loan closings, he applies creative problem-solving skills to every facet of the private lending process for his clients.