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How to Reconcile Families Who Inherit Property: A Uniquely Personal Lending Scenario

When faced with the difficult experience of navigating the decisions regarding an inherited family home, it can help to have an experienced lender on your side.

Providing private loans to heirs who inherit property is something Excel Trust Deed Investments has done many times and we continue to receive requests for these types of loans. Each lending scenario is unique and personal, and we are experienced in navigating the financial and emotional challenges.

Providing financial solutions at a difficult time.

Often children inherit the family home in which they were raised but disagree on what to do with the asset. One or more siblings may want to keep the home, while others can’t wait to receive that all-important inheritance they’ve patiently been waiting on for years. For some, there may be a need to cover caregiver expenses associated with the loved-one who has passed.

Regardless of the positions taken by the inheriting family members, we understand that everyone grieves differently and we’re here to help find solutions at a difficult time. We have helped many families work through these scenarios that are often fraught with emotion and complicated by disagreements.

Tailoring lending solutions to the goals of the family members.

Since in most cases these are non-owner-occupied properties, we can offer an interest-only loan for the amount required to buy out the other heirs and cover the fees. Based on the intentions of the heirs, we can tailor the terms of the loan to be long enough to establish a rental history and then secure long-term financing.

Often, we are also able to increase the loan amount by enough to cover some cash out for repairs, deferred maintenance, or other expenses to prepare the home for sale. We typically can get these loans closed in two weeks or less* with minimal discovery and pain.

We’re here to help.

If you or your client has inherited a family home, please contact us and we will assist by sorting through the personal situation and see if we can be of help.

And remember…

Excel Trust Deed Investments is the smart choice to fund your hard-to-place loans. Whether competing with cash buyers or building your dream home, we’ll leverage our 30+ years of lending experience and our extensive network of private investors to help you meet your residential real estate goals.

Sheldon Perry Excel Trust Deed InvestmentsSheldon Perry,
Founder, VP Investment Lending
Excel Trust Deed Investments

Sheldon founded Excel Trust Deed Investments (formerly Excel Financial) in 1986. Specializing in expedited and efficient loan closings, he applies creative problem-solving skills to every facet of the private lending process for his clients.

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Excel TDI, Inc. – Your Leading Private Lender in SF Bay Area

Good morning!

We have a good problem to report! Over the past few weeks we’ve received several large payoffs…add this to our backlog of investors with funds to place and we’ve found ourselves in a unique position. We need loans.

Over the past 3 years we’ve established ourselves as one of the leading private lenders in the San Francisco Bay Area. We can fund many loans that our rivals simply cannot. We approve most loans by the end of our first discussion with our brokers, pending receipt of the loan package. We do not take days of your time to make life changing decisions, but moments whenever possible. Our lending limits are much more generous as investors choose their own parameters (within lending regulations.) If you are being strung along or your clients are being turned down by other lenders, please take a moment and call me or email me and give me a chance to close your loan. In many cases over the last several years we’ve had loan docs in escrow within 24 hours. We have hundreds of closed loan success stories…let us add your client to our growing list.

Warm Regards,