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Excel TDI, Inc. – Your Leading Private Lender in SF Bay Area

Good morning!

We have a good problem to report! Over the past few weeks we’ve received several large payoffs…add this to our backlog of investors with funds to place and we’ve found ourselves in a unique position. We need loans.

Over the past 3 years we’ve established ourselves as one of the leading private lenders in the San Francisco Bay Area. We can fund many loans that our rivals simply cannot. We approve most loans by the end of our first discussion with our brokers, pending receipt of the loan package. We do not take days of your time to make life changing decisions, but moments whenever possible. Our lending limits are much more generous as investors choose their own parameters (within lending regulations.) If you are being strung along or your clients are being turned down by other lenders, please take a moment and call me or email me and give me a chance to close your loan. In many cases over the last several years we’ve had loan docs in escrow within 24 hours. We have hundreds of closed loan success stories…let us add your client to our growing list.

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Hard-to-Close Loans? We’re what you’re looking for!

A Specialized Business Model

We understand that not all properties and borrowers can qualify with institutional investors and larger lenders. This is what we’re looking for!

We’ve built our business at Excel Financial and Excel Trust Deed Investments, Inc. closing these loans over 32 years. This is a record year for closed loans. It’s also a record year for payoffs! This means our investors have more money to fund your loans.

Call Us First

Borrowers with credit issues, employment issues, income issues or any of the issues that life throws one’s way, call us at (408) 564-7690.

We can give a preliminary approval over the phone with most scenarios, and in most cases have loan docs in escrow within a couple of days. We can fund up to $5,000,000.00 these days, so don’t sell us short on your larger deals.